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Pokemon Fakes Wikia is an online encyclopedia about everything related to Pokemon fandom. This wikia is not related to Satoshi Tajiri or Nintendo in anyway.

If you wish to contribute, please feel free to do so. Currently, we have 5 articles since the Pokémon Fakes Encyclopedia was created on the 25th of August 2010 by Jumpy Naruto.

Please read the Pokemon Fakes Rules and Policies page before you create an article. If you wish to find a template for a page, the Rules and Policies page contains a link to a list of templates.

Please help us uphold the quality of the wikia by adding proper categories and templates to your articles. Eg.all ' fakemon ' created must be listed under the ' fakemon ' category.

Please use the box below to create a new article.

Important Topics

Latest Headlines

  • 26th August 2010 : The Wiki was founded and changes implemented.
  • 27th August 2010 : The first offical wikia template is created.

Founder's Message

"Welcome to my wiki. I hope you all enjoy the site. I'll make sure the site is as high quality as possible and I hope many people visit it. I founded this wiki because I noticed that there are several other 'Fakemon' wikia sites out there that lack quality. I hope my site won't be one of them. Have a great stay at PF."

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