This article is property of the wiki and cannot be changed by any user other than an admin or founder.

The following below contains a list of several PF rules and regulations that all users of the wikia must follow. They will be enforced by the site's administrators. The rules below must be followed by all users including the administration. This page can only be changed by authorized people. The rules may seem restricting but the their purpose is to keep our wiki in line and proper so please try to follow them to your best.

Rules and Policies

  • All articles must use offical site templates and be properly categorized.
  • All articles must contain proper grammar and spelling. This includes the name of the canon Pokemon.
  • Refusing to abide by the rules shall result in a warning. Warnings will be given for a maximum of three times after which an hour's ban will be placed. Further violations will result in the lengths of the bans increasing until an eventual permanent ban from the wiki.
  • Insulting other users of the wiki or it's admins will result in a ban.
  • Articles that contain improper content will be given a warning period of one week where the author will have to change it to proper specifications. If this is not done the article will be deleted.
  • Editing articles that do not belong to you without the permission of the article's creator will result in the change being removed and the user who changed it recieving a warning. Further such violations will result in bans.
  • If you wish to submit a template for the wiki please ask permission from an admin.
  • Creating new types such as 'light' or 'virus' will need permission from an admin.
  • All articles in the wiki follow the format of Bulbapedia so if you wish to create an article please look up an article there for reference.

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